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All You Wanted to Know About the IKEA Catalog 2021

The new IKEA 2021 catalog is out and ready to be greeted by customers looking eagerly to see what’s in store for the upcoming year. This “Handbook for a better everyday life at home” has been enhanced to make it easy to explore and shop IKEA favorites. Along with the IKEA catalog 2021, this major furniture retail company also features its brochures, with specific product information, deals, and room inspiration.

What You Can Find in the IKEA Catalog 2021

This year’s IKEA catalog is special. With its new and improved version, IKEA is celebrating its 70th birthday! For the big merriment, this IKEA catalog has turned into an inspirational handbook full of budget-friendly tips, hands-on ideas, new products, and old favorites. This will be a great tool to always turn to when looking for creativeness.

This IKEA online catalog is easy to flip through, as you’re easily able to scroll through the pages anytime you want. All you need is your Kupino app and you have all the 288 pages of enjoyment to look through.

If you need to get a printed IKEA 2021 catalog, it’s important to note that the store will not be distributing their catalog door-to-door this year. However, if you’d rather have a printed over the IKEA online catalog, there are a few ways to obtain it:

  • IKEA catalogs 2021are available at the exit of IKEA locations. Note that only one will be issued to you
  • Visit the curbside collection tent at store locations. This is usually available wherever IKEA’s Click & Curb service is
  • Order a print copy by visiting the IKEA official website to fill out a form and it will be mailed to you

Catalog Evergreens - What’s Coming Back for the IKEA 2021 Catalog?

The IKEA catalog 2021 may be full of new ideas and inspirations, but it also contains some favorites that would be missed if not present.

- PAX System: This exciting way to customize your closet storage units is an affordable way to give your home an organized, stylish appearance. This guided configuration can be done online, and either self or professionally installed. The 2021 IKEA catalog will fill your mind with interesting ideas on how to create your very own.

Inspiration: Although the IKEA catalog 2021 will feature new ways to decorate your home, IKEA always knows to fill their pages with inspiration to influence you on the best upgrades to your home.

Guidance: Similar to past issues, the IKEA 2021 catalog is full of tips and tidbits, almost like they’ve created their own Q&A throughout the pages. This is helping answer any questions as to why their catalog and set up just looks so good on paper.

Find Inspiration in IKEA Brochures

The brand new IKEA brochures 2021, which are the regular addition to the catalog, are available and ready to browse from the comfort of your home, and can be easily done online. These brochures are dedicated to different home living categories for an organized read:

  • IKEA Bathrooms 2021: All of your up-to-date bathroom décor can be found here. Inside you’ll find bathroom series such as Hemnes, Godmorgon, Lillangen, Vilto, and Vesken Ragrund Fullen, accessory inspiration, the latest showers and faucets, and information about their services and limited warranties.
  • IKEA Bedrooms 2021: Look inside for select bed frames and day beds. You can also find series that include a well-put-together array of bedroom setups as well as coordinated and matching sets. Plus, the services and limited warranty on bedrooms.
  • IKEA Kitchens 2021: Make your dream kitchen with brands like Sektion, Knoxhult, Sunnersta, and more. Find ways to get extra storage for your kitchen needs, and read the steps to buying an IKEA kitchen. Services are also featured.
  • IKEA Wardrobes 2021: Enjoy reading about the PAX System as well as information on Audral, Elvarli, Jonaxel, and Boaxel. Also get to know about their services and limited warranty.
  • IKEA Seating 2021: Get cozy while deciding on different types of sofas and their buying essentials, along with chaises and armchairs. You’ll also find out about the quality and limited warranty, as well as gain an explanation of symbols.
  • IKEA For Your Business 2021: Find ways to create your business, whether it be at home or in a dedicated space. Find ideas for creating offices and cafes, while shopping and taking a look at display examples. Plus, find ways to make memorable accommodations.
  • IKEA Workspaces 2021: Create a space to help you focus. Whether it’s for studying, gaming, working from home, or using it as a creative hobby space, this brochure explains how to and gives you suggestions on what you need.

Join IKEA Family for Free and Enjoy the Members’ Benefits with Every Purchase

This IKEA loyalty club lets you become part of the IKEA USA family. IKEA family members can enjoy discounts on select home furnishing products as well as food products and services. Plus, free tea or coffee from Monday to Friday, to give you that extra pep in your step while shopping! You’re also able to get discounted prices on inspirational workshops and events.

You can enjoy the club for free by creating an IKEA Family account. Download the IKEA app for your smartphone, which can store a digital version of your IKEA Family Card. Or, you can request a card by contacting IKEA.

How do I get the IKEA 2021 Catalog?

There is no better way of learning about IKEA latest news than by visiting Kupino.com. You don’t need to order your IKEA catalog, or download it to your laptop. From now on, you can browse through the latest IKEA catalog online - anywhere and anytime you want.


IKEA Catalog

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