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Thinking of Installing a PAX Wardrobe System? Here’s What You Need to Know First

IKEA Closet System and Pax Wardrobe Planner ExplainedIKEA

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IKEA’s PAX planner has become an enormously popular closet storage system. It’s affordable and customizable system is every home owner’s dream, as there are so many ways to create an organized, stylish look. Your inner interior designer will be screaming out at you all while you make your own wardrobe space. With so many options, it could seem overwhelming. We’ve come up with an “all you need to know” guide to get the ball rolling. Here it is:

What is the PAX Wardrobe System?

From large homes to small apartments and anywhere in between, the PAX wardrobe system can help you find great additions and help you stay organized. This flexible and customizable wardrobe storage system works around the consumer, as you can use one of IKEA's ready-made combination suggestions and change it according to your wishes.

Feeling creative? You can also plan your PAX from scratch in the online planning tool called PAX Planner. This tool will help you match comfort with style to create your ideal wardrobe in your home.

How to Choose the Right PAX Configuration for You?

The first thing you should do is measure your closet space and determine the width, height, and depth that you will need for your closet. PAX units start with their existing frame sizes, so you have to make sure your space matches their premade frames. In fact, measure more than once to ensure you’re getting the correct measurements.

Once you have the correct size, envision what you want your wardrobe space to look like. How many shelves, what kind or door, what colors etc?

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Ikea Pax System Ideas IKEA

How to Choose Accessories for your PAX Wardrobe Design

Choosing Ikea PAX wardrobe doors, frames, and other designs should also be well thought out.

You can choose to have doors with hinges, Ikea PAX wardrobe sliding doors, frames for these doors, or you can even choose wardrobes without doors!

Then you can decide between knobs and handles, choose door frames, and select lighting that suits your needs.

What’s unique about the PAX planner is that it shows what you can hang as you add and remove drawers in your virtual closet. You are able to see exactly how many drawers you can stack before running out of room for hanging clothes.

PAX Wardrobe Planner – How to Use it

For starters, once you’re online on your virtual PAX Storage Planner, you must layout your room.

You start off with a square/generic space. You must make the size of your space, walls, doors, nooks, windows, etc. Select “build walls” and resize them to your liking. This is where you’ll put those measurements in that you took earlier. You can also split walls to create different storage shapes.

Next, you can add the cabinet boxes into your PAX wardrobe. There are 3 different widths, two different heights, and two depths of each. You can also choose its colors.

Lastly, you can customize each cabinet. You can add interior organizers, doors, and more. The IKEA closet system focuses on one cabinet one at a time.

You’ll be able to see your virtual wardrobe and make changes as you please.

Is it Difficult to Build IKEA PAX Wardrobe at Home?

You can order everything online and either have it delivered or get it in person (sometimes, getting it in person is better so you can actually see what it looks like). If you go to the IKEA store, the team member helping you will pull it up on their computer and review everything with you in case you need to make improvements or if they have suggestions.

If you’re looking to DIY you can find resourceful videos online for IKEA PAX wardrobe instructions. It takes a while, as the system is large and needs to be built, but the quality is great and it’s worth the sense of accomplishment.

Are IKEA’s Custom Closets worth the money?

The price for everything you are doing and getting is truly a bang for your buck. It’s generally far less expensive than higher end closet systems. You are creating your own wardrobe from scratch, and are saving money on installing it if you choose to DIY. They also offer returns with a receipt up to a full year for anything you decide not to use.

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