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All You Wanted to Know About LEGO

The LEGO group was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen and has been in the family since then. Currently it’s owned by Ole’s grandson, Kjed and is now one of the world’s largest manufacturers of toys. The name “LEGO” is an abbreviation of the two Danish words, “leg godt,” which translates to “play well,” which is the motto the company lives by.

Their staple toy, the LEGO brick, is their essential product that’s been named “Toy of the Century” two times. Although the products have developed over the years, the foundation remains the same. From LEGO Friends, to Lego Star Wars, Harry Potter, and more, the LEGO Company has flourished in finding a never-ending happiness for children (and even adults)! 

What You Can Find in the latest Lego Catalog 2020

Lego DUPLO: These bricks are two times the size than standard ones. It is ideal for learning shapes and colors as well as developing motor skills and imagination, and has expanded to include sets with cars, houses, animals, and trains. This year they launched a new construction set and carnival set, and released their own line of Disney Princess and Disney Frozen pieces, as well as Marvel and D.C.

LEGO Classic: The classic includes basic brick boxes and sets using simple pieces and contains several alternate models with different LEGO shapes and parts (like wheels).

LEGO Creator: These generic model-themed pieces contain a few specialized bricks to create buildings, creatures, vehicles, and robots This year they fashioned a pirate ship, space rover explorer, and caravan family holiday, but also contains dinosaurs, a shuttle transporter, and more unique creations.

LEGO Disney: These LEGO sets are based on Disney princesses like Mulan, Moana, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Belle, Elsa & Anna, and more! Their villages and castles help the most imaginative princes and princesses build and play.

LEGO Trolls World Tour: Based on the DreamWorks movie, these World Tour sets are a musical adventure. There are different stages, Trolls dolls, and accessories to choose from.

LEGO Friends: Your favorite LEGO friends are looking for a playdate. Play in a treehouse in the jungle, ride in your jeep, and take care of elephants, pandas, and more! Or, take a flight to a beach house or camp out in your stylish RV. Your friends are always looking for exciting activities to do and they want to take you along!

LEGO DOTS: This is a unique and customizable arts and crafts toy for kids. Decorate bracelets, jewelry boxes, picture frames, and more with charms that can be made your way.

LEGO City: Go deep-sea diving in the ocean exploration base or float above it on a real floating ship. Fly a helicopter or plane, and rescue a burning building. This set will let you create a city made especially for you, and you can set your mind to do anything you’d like!

LEGO Minifigures: These small plastic figurines are a collectible item that both kids and adults love. This year there are 16 limited edition minifigures to collect.

LEGO Minions: Based on the Illumination film, play with brick-built minions and their lair in the new themed set, “The Rise of Gru.”

LEGO Marvel Avengers & Spiderman: Join the Avengers team figurines on their LEGO-built Helicarrier and use their vehicles to fight crime! They’ve also released a Spiderman robot!

LEGO BOOST: Build a 5-in-1 model to be a robot, guitar, cat, and more. Then develop code movement, personality, light and sound into their behavior. Download the LEGO boost app to code.

LEGO Jurassic World: Owen and Claire need help taking on the wilds of Isla Nublar with rogue dinosaurs. Use their vehicles and lab equipment to help the team.

LEGO Speed Champions: Race replica LEGO-model cars like the Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren Senna, and Dodge Challenger. There are many to choose from and build.

LEGO Super Mario: A new interactive Mario figure was introduced in August. Watch him react to movement and colors as you put together the LEGO Super Mario Starter Course. You can also download the free LEGO Super Mario app for enhanced play and inspiration contents, either by yourself or friends.

LEGO NINJAGO: This popular themed set inspired an animation series featuring four ninja warriors as well as a retro arcade video game. Build fighter planes and vehicles while fighting off enemies. The new 2020 series includes Spinjistzu burst, letting your Ninjago character spiral into the air with a hit of your hand.

LEGO Harry Potter: Join Harry Potter and friends around Hogwarts as they sneak through the Forbidden Forest, visit the Room of Requirement, and even go back to Privet Drive.

LEGO Minecraft: Build these incredible landscapes and figures to make it seem as if you’re playing the game.

LEGO Star Wars: Build your own versions of iconic Star Wars figures, tanks, and space crafts in a galaxy far, far, away.

LEGO Technic: Let your inner mechanic come out when building life-like Land Rovers, motorcycles, cars, and even excavators, all able to use motors and controls. 

Lego Harry Potter & Star Wars - Perfect Christmas Gift for Kids of All Ages

The latest Lego catalog 2020 is filled with different themes and sets for kids of all ages. However, Lego Star Wars and Lego Harry Potter are two of the most popular sets that seem to be a hot commodity.

In fact, LEGO and Star Wars have teamed up together to create an upcoming LEGO-themed action adventure game titled Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, intended to be released in early 2021.  To get your Star Wars fans hyped for the upcoming adventure, Lego has released so many different themed builds this year, including a Poe Dameron’s X-wing Fighter, General Grievous’s Starfighter, Knights of Ren Transport Ship, and an AT-AT that comes with a spring shooter. Fans of all ages will love bringing these characters to life, letting their imaginations feel as if they’re in the movies.

LEGO has also come out with LEGO Harry Potter buildings. Their recreations of the Hogwarts Great Hall, Diagon Alley, Hogwarts Express, and more will really let fans of all ages dive into the scenes.

LEGO has also introduced LEGO advent calendars, with 24 days of surprises!  When it gets closer to Christmas, each advent calendar creates a scene based on the theme. For example, Harry Potter fans can recreate Hogwarts holiday scenes like the Yule Ball. There is also a Star Wars advent calendar of the same concept, as well as many other series of calendar kids and adults alike will love! 

LEGO Stores Near Me

There are around 90 Lego stores operating in North America you can walk in and visit. You can find the nearest Lego store to you if you want to check it out.

If there isn’t a close store to you, Lego fans still get the opportunity to shop on their website. If you spend over $35 on your online order, shipping is free!

Fans can become a Lego VIP by making an account. Joining online will get you rewards by earning points for shopping both in LEGO brand retail stores as well as online, let you unlock members-only discounts and experiences, get early access to exclusive sets, get members-only gifts, and receive monthly promotions and specials. 

Where to get the LEGO Catalog 2020

This LEGO online catalog is easy to flip through, as you’re easily able to scroll through the pages anytime you want. All you need is your Kupino app, or to visit our website, and you have all the 108 pages of enjoyment to look through.If you’d rather have a printed LEGO catalog, you can request one on Lego official website by filling out an online application. 


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