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National Guacamole Day: 7 Fun Facts About your Favorite Dip (That You Probably Didn't Know)

Fun Facts About Avocado and Guacamole RecipeCanva

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Holy Guacamoly, it's September already! And today it's the National Guacamole Day! Let's celebrate with the all mighty ingredient which started all of this, the avocado.

Guacamole, the flavorful Mexican dip, is light and tasty, and can be creatively added to a bunch of dishes (although the classic chips and dip option is never a bad idea). In honor of this delicious holiday, we want to make tribute to the ingredient, which is the main star of this dish, the avocado! How big of a guacamole fan are you? Test yourself with the following fun facts about avocado that only true #guacamolelover knows.

7 Avocado Fun Facts Every Real Fan Should Know

1. Avocados Go Way Back

The origins of avocado (originally known as “ahuacate”) can be traces back to 500 BCE and cultivated in Mexico as well as Central and North America.

 2. They Ripen Once They’re Picked 

Unlike most fruits and vegetables, avocados don’t begin to ripen until it has been picked from the tree. At least you know you won’t be picking a rotten one!

3. The Avocado Wasn’t Always Named that Way

Although we couldn’t possibly think of another name for it, the United States originally called this food “alligator pear, because of its bumpy green skin. It was also changed to calavo, butter pear, avocado pear, and other names. Once the name changed to avocado, so did its popularity.

4. It was Once a Crime to Eat Mexican Avocados

In 1914, avocados from Mexico were banned in the United States up until 1997. After the long debate, Mexican avocados are welcomed in all 50 states.

5. There’s Many Different Types

There are over 450 varieties of avocado grown around the world, with the most popular being Hass Avocado. Postal worker Rudolph Hass has owned the patent for the avocado seedling since 1935.

6. California is the United States’ Most Popular Avocado Grower 

About 90% of all US grown avocados are located in California. This is because it’s the perfect climate for them. The state is known as the “King of Avocado”.

 7. Avocados Have Nutritional Value

There are many healthy avocado vitamins, minerals, and fats, including several B vitamins, vitamin K, and vitamin E. It also provides dietary fiber and potassium.

How to Serve Avocado Canva

How to Serve Avocado?

Pair it with Salad: It is very common to add avocado to many foods, including salads. Make the avocado the star of the dish by cutting it into chunks and pairing it with cucumber and tomato. It’s a great, refreshing salad that’s easy to prepare.

Chips and Dip: Guacamole is so popular that it actually is in contention for the most popular Super Bowl food along with buffalo wings and pizza. It’s a simple yet delicious way to enjoy the ingredient either by yourself or with company.

What to Do When the Avocado Turns Brown?

Avocados turn brown due to the presence of polyphenol oxidase in their cells which are exposed to oxygen in the air, causing an enzymatic reaction, developing melanoidin pigment. This result is the same when making guacamole. You can counter this effect by storing your guacamole in an air-tight container, or tightly wrapping your avocado once it's cut in clear plastic wrap to limit the surface area exposed to the air.

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Guacamole Dip Recipe Canva

How to Prepare the Perfect Guacamole Dip

You'll need the following ingredients:


  1. Mash your avocados in a large mixing bowl until you reach the desired consistency
  2. Throw in the onion, cilantro, lime juice, salt, cumin and tomatoes and still until well mixed.
  3.  Add more salt and lime juice to taste
  4. Mix in peppers to desired spice level

Bon appetit and happy Guacamole Day!

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