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How to Manage Home-Office Vs. Home-Schooling and Not Get Crazy in September

How to Work From Home with KidsCanva

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With all the uncertainty, there’s no say whether going to school physically will last, or if there will be a permanent place for at-home learning. Then on top of that, many are still working from home without knowledge of when they’ll go back in-office. With everyone being home and trying to maintain a separate work environment, it seems near impossible for things to not get crazy. Here are some tips to help you remain calm.

Start Shopping for Supplies Early

To save a bit of the stress, it’s best to plan and purchase most (if not all) school supplies ahead of time. This way you can avoid the mad dash at stores and potential “out of stock” scare when shopping online.

Right now, there are plenty of stores with back-to-school sales, so make sure you stock up on plenty of pens and pencils and notebooks. Plus, there are sales for laptops, keyboards, and headphones, which is perfect if your child is schooling remotely.

Separate Spaces Between Your Workplace and Your Kids’

Your work-from-home situation is very different from your kid’s schooling. Instead of clashing work spaces, it’s best to try and separate your spaces, if possible. Even if that means one is working on the dining room table, and another is working at the kitchen table. This way you’re not mixing notes, supplies, and other things that could get in one another’s way. If you have the space, there are currently great deals going on for office furniture to make your space more organized.

Maintain Routine and Structure

Having to adjust from a normal work day in the office to working at home is no easy change. The same goes for kids with the routine of getting ready and going to school. With this new system, it’s hard to just uproot everything you’ve done for the past several years.

However, it is best to try and keep and maintain a routine, even if it’s different from your original. Keep your same work schedule as you had, take a lunch break, get dressed (even though sweats are tempting). Just make sure you do things that will make you feel as if you have a bit of normalcy again.

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Homeschooling Tips for Work-at-home Parents Canva

Set Different Goals and Aspirations

Things are going to be a little different, and it may seem as if you’re not as organized as you used to be. When things feel a bit overwhelming, it’s a good idea to make a list of goals you want to achieve. Divide them by daily, weekly, and monthly goals, and you can accomplish them as you go.

For example, some daily goals can include setting up the kids’ work space, or simply getting dressed in work attire. Other, longer term goals can be teaching your kids how to use the computer for class or Zoom. These goals will push you to be motivated and get things done. You will feel good about checking them off your list, no matter how big or small.

Breaks are Essential

Take some personal time during your work and school day just to recoup. Surprisingly, you’ll be having more time than you’re used to, so you may feel obligated to start work earlier or keep busy during the day with work. However, you’re going to need a mental break. Go for a walk to clear your head, go pick up some coffee, give your kids snack time, just get yourself away from the computer you’re staring at for a good part of your day.

Feel Free to Share Your Emotions

This is a stressful time for everyone, and it’s important to know you are not alone. Whether it is with friends, family, or strangers on the internet, there is an outlet for you. It’s also best to discuss with the people you’re sharing the space with. It builds character, trust, and helps your emotional health.

Remember that this is a delicate process, as everyone is going through something similar. Just know it’s okay to make mistakes and okay to keep trying. But you’ve got this!

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