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America Has Chosen Its Favorite Department Stores: These are Top 10 Shopping Destinations in the US.

The Most Popular Stores in the USACanva

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Shopaholics, this one’s for you! Those who love the thrill of shopping (and not just the online type) always run to their favorite stores when in need of something. With the holidays around the corner, it’s time to start looking for the best deals around. Out of the many fan-favorites, which ones deem the most popular in America? We’ve taken recent research to direct you on the department stores America has been shopping in most often.

Discover the Top 10 of America’s Favorite Department Stores

#10. Sam’s Club

Although it requires a membership, this wholesale store is the 10th most popular department store. Fans say it’s well-designed, accessible, necessary and practical.

#9. Big Lots

95% of people have heard of this store, it’s no wonder why Big Lots ranked in the top 10. Plus, it’s most popular with Baby Boomers and Generation X.

#8. Macy’s

Coming in at 8th most popular, rankers described Macy’s as stylish, modern and a good value for money with excellent customer service.

#7. Burlington Coat Factory

Now known as just “Burlington”, this department store is trendy, family friendly, and has good value for money with good quality.

#6. J.C Penney

With a 60% overall positive opinion in America, J.C Penney is favored by Baby Boomers and is most popular with women as opposed to men.

#5. Walmart

99% of America has heard of this brand, leading it to be most popular with Baby Boomers at 65%. Fans have even described Walmart as “everywhere”.

#4. Kohl’s

Kohl’s has been described as good quality, excellent customer service, good value for money, and impressive.

#3. Dollar Tree

Coming in at number 3, Dollar Tree is described as clean, reliable, and “never gets old”. It is also rated one of most popular overall amongst women.

#2. Costco

Another member-only warehouse, this department store offers good deals, is reliable, and has good value for money, making it runner-up for most popular. Costco also the number one most popular amongst men.

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Target is America's Favorite Store Canva

#1. America’s Favorite Department Store

After much careful research, YouGov ratings have determined the most popular department store in America is Target. Target was rated 69% positive opinions by America, and 99% of people have heard of it. Millennials ranked Target high with 73% positive opinion, and Generation X is closely behind with 71%, and both generations found Target to be their most popular ranking. Baby Boomers also felt this was a high positive opinion at 64%, and was ranked 6th most popular among their generation. Women had a 74% positive opinion towards Target and men had 65%.  

Sorry Walmart, It looks like Millennials Are Shopping Elsewhere

If retailers want to be called, “America’s Favorite Department Store”, YouGov Ratings must measure the popularity and fame of department stores based on millions of responses from the public. Its accuracy is measured through three different generations; Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers, as well as by gender.

In the case of Millennials, Walmart is knocked down to 6th most popular, as opposed to its 5th spot all-around. Stores like Costco, Dollar Tree, Kohl’s and even T.J Maxx rank top five, with Target coming in at #1.

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