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Back to School Shopping List: These Are Your Must-Have Homeschool Essentials

Back-to-School Essentials for New School Year 2020Canva

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With so much uncertainty right now, we want to make sure at least one thing is certain; your back to school essentials. With so many schools still not sure if they are going to reopen or not, there’s a lack of confidence over homeschooling and how to prepare. With summer flying by and the school year around the corner, let’s make sure you and your kids are prepared to make the most out of this remote academic year. These is the ultimate school shopping list with the best deals out there.

Create a Designated Work Station for Your Home Classroom

If your child is going to spend a lot of time at home, whether it be schooling remotely or doing homework and projects, creating a work space of their own will help them focus (just like your work from home situation). Create an imaginative space that makes them excited to work there.

Must-have #1: Desk or Working Surface

Help your child feel as if they’re in the classroom with a desk of their own. You can make a makeshift desk with a table, or buy a new one on sale at Ikea or a warehouse like American Furniture. This way, setting up their laptop, homework, and other appliances in a designated spot will help them get situated and remain focused.

Must-have #2: Desk Chairs

If you have a desk, you’re going to need a chair. Your child will need one comfortable enough to remain seated at the desk, but not too comfortable they’ll lounge around. Your child shouldn’t feel like their back hurts or their body aches from being hunched over. Finding deals on chairs from the latest Home Depot Catalogue can be helpful to finding the perfect seating arrangement.

Must-have #3: Grab Some Desk Organizers

Keep you and your kids organized when working - an organized desk is an organized mind! Grabbing organizers such as binders, dividers, and folders for your desk will help keep your kids prepared by class and make it easier for them to focus on one subject at a time. For extra organizing, you can also create a filing system. Find organizers at office supply stores like Staples and get 50% OFF backpacks and other accessories. Plus, with every purchase at Staples you're now getting extra 20% OFF all hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, and other protective products.

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What School Supplies Are Essential Canva

Save on Your School Supplies with Back-to-School Deals

There is always some thrill when back to school shopping. Just because you may be homeschooling, doesn’t mean fun supplies should go M.I.A from your school experience. There are many back to school sales around the country that are helping you adapt to the work from home environment.

Must-have #4: Pens, Highlighters, Notebooks, and More

No matter homeschooled or going to school, you are going to need to still get the necessities. If you’re going to keep it on a budget, start by finding any extra supplies you have around the house and reuse where you can. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get some new pencils, colorful pens and anything else to make your school days more exciting. Many budget stores have already started their back-to-school sales. Check out Walgreens' Fresh Start For School Sale, or the latest Dollar Tree Fall Catalogue for some inexpensive supplies!

Must-have #5: Art Supplies

To keep your children thinking creatively (but also giving them a break from the stress that school can give), try finding some art supplies that won’t break the bank. You can get imaginatively messy or keep it clean with the various number of projects you can do. Find supplies you need with coupons at stores like Hobby Lobby or check the Michaels Mix & Match (BUY 1 GET 1 50% OFF) Sale at Michaels.

Must-have #6: Technology

Although tech gear isn’t typically on a normal school supply list, you may need a little push when homeschooling. Purchasing a laptop for your new student can help boost learning. You can find a good deal on laptops to help your kid get access to Zoom or Google Classroom, and also make it easy for them to do online research for any homework or project help. At Target, you now save up to $50 on laptops, printers, and other back-to-school tech.

Another great tech tool for homeschooling is headphones. While you are working from home (or just trying to tune out the background noise), your kid will be doing the same. Whether it be listening to your Zoom class, watching an online lecture, or just listening to music while doing homework, you can snag a good deal on headphones. Check out stores like Best Buy for your tech needs!

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