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This is America’s Favorite Beer (Even Though It’s From Europe)

Most Popular Beer in America

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Are you a fan of IPA or you're more of a classic Pilsner drinker? With International Beer Day looming, we decided to have a closer look at the US number one choice among alcoholic beverages. With so many types of beer to choose from, it seems difficult to figure out which ones are truly ranked among the best. However, a recent research has shown which beers most Americans are crazy about. Did your favorite make the list?

Just in the United States, there are over 7,000 breweries, plus the imports from overseas. There’s domestic, imported, IPA, Stout, and much more in between. That's why YouGov, an online market research company that helps find the best of the best, stepped in the game. For the sake of the their research, their data have shown over 8,000 respondents with 41 major beer brands. By gathering a vast amount of data, YouGov has, yet again, deciphered the top popular beers in America.

Discover TOP 10 of America’s Best Beer

#10. Coors

Coors is the 10th most popular beer in the U.S, and the 7th most famous. It scored a 38% positive opinion over all voters.

#9. Corona Light

The 9th most popular beer and the 9th most famous. It was described as refreshing, light, and natural. The beer never gets old.

#8. Miller

Just like it’s rank, it’s also the 8th most famous beer in America.

#7. Bud Light

A must have for many, it was voted an equal favorite for both Millennials and Baby Boomers.

#6. Blue Moon

This refreshing beer is also good quality and good value for the money, making it the millennial’s top choice over other generations.

#5. Budweiser

Although the 2nd most famous beer, it’s the 5th most popular. Budweiser also ranks as most popular in the West North Central part of America.

#4. Samuel Adams

With a 46% positive opinion, it takes the rank as 4th best beer in America. However, it’s most popular in the New England and the East South-Central regions of America.

America's Favorite Beers Across the Country YouGov

#3. Heineken

Heineken is the 3rd most popular in the country, but the most popular in the Pacific, East North Central, and Middle Atlantic regions of the country.

#2. Corona

Coming in as second best in the country, Corona is also the 3rd most famous. Its beer is most popular in the Mountain division of the country.

#1. America’s Favorite Beer

In order to detect the most popular beer in America, YouGov Ratings measures the popularity and fame of beer based on millions of responses from the public. It is built on top of their accurate and precise methodology, which the Pew Research Center says “consistently outperformed” other polling companies.

For each beer, YouGov Ratings show nationally representative popularity percentage scores. The positive popularity score is calculated by taking the proportion of people who view something positively and show it as a percentage of all the people who have given any opinion about that beer, including “have heard of”. The same calculation is used for the neutral, negative, and heard of percentage scores shown across the page.

With that being said, according to YouGov Ratings, the most popular beer in America is Guinness, and the 13th most famous. Although no beer was rated over half positive opinions, overall, Guinness did score the highest at 48% and is most popular in the West South Central and South Atlantic Regions. It’s described as good quality, well made, traditional, classic and never gets old.

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