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Watermelon: How to Pick, Store, and Serve This Summer Delight

How to Buy Good Watermelon and Store It to Keep It Fresh for LongerCanva

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Watermelon is a popular summer staple. Its refreshing taste helps cool you down on a hot day, and is a perfect addition to outdoor barbeque. But who knew this summer delight could be a hassle when telling a good watermelon from a bad one? Plus, besides a classic red watermelon, there are also the yellow, orange and white flesh varieties. Then when you’ve picked the chosen one, how do you keep it fresh? And when it’s time, what’s the best way to serve this delicacy? We have the answers.

How to Pick a Sweet Watermelon at the Store

Weight is a big factor when deciding on a watermelon. Because it’s mostly water, a good one will feel heavier. Shape also matters, as watermelons should have a smooth round or oblong shape. It will also feature a slightly dull rind and creamy yellow underside. If you want to check for ripe watermelon, firmly tap on it. A hollow thump means it’s ready to take home.

How to Store Watermelon to Keep It Fresh Longer

When you take it home from the grocery store, the best idea is to keep the whole watermelon at room temperature for up to 2 weeks. Once it’s cut up, it’s best to wrap tightly and refrigerate for up to 3 days. For those of you looking to freeze watermelon to keep it longer, the answer is yes, it can be frozen. However, it will be mushy when it’s thawed and will not taste as ripe after freezing.

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Tips on Serving Watermelon in Summer Canva

What Are the Best Ways to Serve Watermelon

Watermelon is a versatile fruit and could be eaten or served in many ways.

  • The classic way; cut the watermelon into triangle slices so there’s a layer of green and white and the bottom.
  • Cut the edible part of the watermelon into chunks or cubes. You can use a fork or toothpick and eat it plain.
  • Combine the melon with prosciutto to create the classic Italian pairing.
  • Add it to ceviche to give your dish a tropical feel. The natural sweetness of shrimp and lobster pair well with watermelon.
  • Add it to a summertime salad to get a burst of freshness. (Feta cheese ties in well with it).
  • Grill it for a few seconds, this will actually make the fruit taste even fresher
  • Turn the fruit into freezer pops. Although watermelon itself gets mushy after defrosting, that doesn’t mean you can’t make them into pop molds in ice cube trays. You can even add a liquid base like orange juice (or alcohol for the extra kick) to create a sturdy base and good flavor.
  • Speaking of liquids, you can turn watermelon into flavored water. Those frozen watermelon cues can be placed in a glass or water for a refreshing taste.

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