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Going Shopping During COVID-19? These Stores Require Customers to Wear Face Masks

US Stores Requiring Face Masks Canva

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In the midst of the pandemic and states reaching record highs in new coronavirus cases, there is debate on whether people should wear masks or not in public spaces and inside stores and businesses. Many state, city, and county government officials are ordering for people to wear masks, and stores are now doing the same.

In recent months, there have been incidents and arguments inside big named stores such as Home Depot, Trader Joe’s and Target regarding wearing a facemask in their facility. With many new store policies, here are all the major retailers requiring customers to wear face coverings in locations nationwide.


The rule was first announced for the United States’ largest retailer on July 15th and applied on July 20th to 5,355 U.S stores, including Sam’s Club. Walmart stores are currently open to the public, but employees will be stationed at store entrances to remind customers of the requirement and provide masks for those who arrive without one.


Their 3,003 stores (and the country’s largest supermarket chain) mandated masks in their stores on July 22nd.


Costco Warehouse club was one of the first locations that required shoppers to cover their faces in their 542 stores. Starting May 4, the President and CEO believed the added safety was worth any inconvenience.


The nation’s largest drugstore chain, Walgreens, with 9,168 locations announced their face mask policy on July 16th and initiated it on July 20th all throughout the United States.


As of July 20th, masks are required in all of their 1,727 home improvement stores and will provide masks to those in need while shopping.


Beginning August 1st, all shoppers must wear face coverings inside all of their 1,868 stores. Target stores will also provide disposable masks to shoppers without one. 


Due to the spike of COVID-19 infections across the country, their 9,909 stores started to require masks in stores since July 20th.

Rite Aid

This pharmacy chain required masks starting July 21st. However, associates will not be asked to enforce requirements.

Bed, Bath & Beyond

This home goods chain put into effect their mask requirements when shopping for their 1,423 stores starting July 24th.


All customers and associates are required to wear face coverings in PetSmart stores, which was announced in a statement on July 17th.

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Which Stores Require Wearing Face Masks Canva


The 2,258 grocery store chain put into effect a mask requirement on July 21st for all of their localities.

Best Buy

As of July 15th, both customers and employees had to obey wearing a face mask in all of Best Buy stores. They will supply customers with face coverings if they don’t have one.


Originally, this discount grocery store chain solely requested that customers wear face masks. As of July 27th, it is now required in all 2,586 Aldi stores.


85% of the 333 Texas grocery stores are located in communities that have implemented local mask requirements. For the areas that do not have a local ordinance in place, H-E-B stores will require face coverings. This was announced July 3rd. 


Starting July 21st, Publix supermarket customers are required to wear a face mask. This is in effect for all 1,479 stores in the chain.


This large department retailer started requiring shoppers to wear masks in their 780 stores as of July 22. However, employees are not required to wear face coverings.


This department store chain announced and implemented the face mask rule on July 17th in their 368 stores.


On July 20th, the company made up of 1,171 stores made face coverings mandatory on July 20th. About 70% of Kohl's locations already have government orders mandated, it was a decision they felt was right for the entire chain.

Other stores and companies requiring customers wear masks:

  • Chipotle
  • Gap
  • Verizon
  • Starbucks
  • McDonalds
  • Apple
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Amazon
  • Whole Foods
  • BJ’s Wholesale
  • Home Depot
  • Meijer
  • Winn Dixie

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