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Food Supplies for Hurricane Season: Best Non-Perishable Foods to Buy When the Storm Hits

Hurricane Season Emergency Food ListCanva

Natural disasters always come uninvited and with little to no warning. Currently, with Hurricane Douglas storming the Hawaii coast, it makes the average person think of how to prepare for an emergency. As the U.S. is currently dealing with hurricane season and the rainiest month is approaching, it's high time to stock up on the right non-perishable food items in case the storm hits. Check out this emergency supply list and keep your pantry ready.

Non-Perishable Foods

Non-perishable foods are foods that have a great shelf life and do not need to be refrigerated or cooked. Here’s what you should pack with you through a storm:

  1. Bottled Water: Bottled water can be useful for drinking and cooking in case your tap water isn’t drinkable after a storm. 
  2. Canned Foods: Canned goods like tuna, salmon, fruits and vegetables can last up to a year on the shelf. Also, these products are ready to eat and don’t require cooking prep. 
  3. Instant Soup Mixes: Great for gas stoves, mixes like instant soup or ramen with bottled water are great for a single serving.
  4. Peanut Butter: Get the peanut butter that does not require refrigeration after opening. The spread will last a very long time, making for a good source for protein.
  5. Cereal: Lasting for about a year, cereal can be a great source of healthy grains and fibers.
  6. Dry Pasta: It’s shelf-life is almost indefinitely, and you can cook it with bottled water on a gas stove.

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Hurricane Kit Food Supplies Canva

Emergency Perishable Foods

Not all the Hurricane food you stock up on has to be non-perishable, but they should be eaten quicker throughout the storm:

  1. Apples: If you’re looking for a healthier option, they’re one of the longest-lasting fruits you can buy, 
  2. Canned Marinara Sauce: Add it to the pasta you cooked for extra taste.
  3. Crackers: The dry, crisp variety can last up to 6 months.
  4. Soy/Almond Milk: Buying shelf-stable milk will last longer if you lose power. Powdered milk will also last for up to 6 months.

Other Emergency Necessities to Stock Up

Besides food, you’re going to want to prepare with other supplies in case you have to evacuate or take proper shelter:

  1. First Aid Kit: Things like bandages, Band-Aids, antibiotic ointment, hand sanitizer, hygiene and baby products and any necessary medication are essential.
  2. Flashlight & Batteries: 1 flashlight per family member so everyone has one, and a set of extra batteries in case something goes off. 
  3. Took Kit: A basic set of tools such as a hammer, nails, screws, screwdriver, pliers and knife, in case you need to fix something or get out of a situation.
  4. Sanitation products: Toilet paper, moist towelettes, and different sizes of plastic garbage bags to throw away once products become unsanitary or used.
  5. Pet Supplies: If you have a pet, make sure to get their food, water/food bowls, and other items.
  6. Baby Supplies: If you have a baby, always have spare diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, and other necessities.

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