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Shopping Essentials: What to Buy (and Not Buy) in July

Things to Buy In July Smart ShoppingCanva

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If you want to become a smart shopper, remember that timing is everything. Starting with Independence Day sales, July is the best time for all bargain hunters to snatch up deals on some seasonal items, like clothing and outdoor equipment. Here’s our cheat list of all items that you should definitely (not) buy in July if you want to make the most out of July’s discounts.

Tools and Home Improvement Items

With 4th of July deals coming, retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s offer the tools and homeware for less than usual. Whether you decide to paint the house or kick off that long-planned DIY project, now is the right time to do so. 

Grills and Outdoor Gear

Barbeque season is here and so are the best deals of the year on grills, outdoor gear, and camping equipment. The main sale starts after the 4th of July and the prices move even lower towards the end of the month since the retailers don’t want to hold cheap grills in stock anymore. Some stores like Rural King or Menards,  have special deals already running.


If you’ve been waiting to save on summer clothing, the patience will pay off now. Most of the retailers launch their summer collections in April and early May, which means that July is the time for shelf cleaning. Some brands like H&M or Forever 21 have already launched their Summer Sale and the rest of the Fashion & Sporting Goods retailers will follow in the upcoming weeks.


With proposal season and Valentine’s Day celebrations far gone, summer is the perfect time for bargain hunters. Jewelry experiences huge price drops in July and you can save tens to hundreds of dollars on items that can be gifted any time of year. If you’re looking for the perfect deal, check out the Mega Clearance Event at Michael’s where you can now get up to 70% OFF jewelry and other items.


Swimwear sale goes hand in hand with the clearance of flip-flops, shorts, tank tops, dresses, and other summer clothing. However, since the swimming season has only started, you can still enjoy the new piece for a few weeks while getting it at a fairly discounted price

Back-to-school Supplies

Oh, yeah! This is not a joke. Smart shopping is all about planning and thinking ahead. While we still don’t know how long the homeschooling will continue due to the COVID-19 situation, mid to late-July is generally the time when back-to-school deals start to pop up. If you don’t catch the best deal now, don’t worry, sales on school supplies will continue throughout August, too. 


Holiday weekends, like the Fourth of July, are the perfect time to throw a sale on almost everything and mattress retailers are not different. Look for the hot deals in stores like Walmart or Big Lots and get a free pillow, bed upgrades, or other gifts that might be available with your purchase.


Smart Shopping in July Canva

Tech - Buy Later

With Amazon Prime Day being postponed this year, you should probably wait with your purchase for a while, especially if you’re looking at some Amazon’s own products. Their products, among others, are heavily discounted on this day, so it’s worth the wait. 

The same rule applies when it comes to buying Apple products in July. The Apple Back to School sale usually starts in early August and features special student deals on MacBooks and tablets. If you’re on the market for a new iPhone, we recommend you to wait even longer - Apple releases their new product line every September when the prices of previous models go down. 

Outdoor Furniture - Buy Later

Even though outdoor furniture and decor deals have already started showing up around the 4th of July, we recommend you to wait a bit because the best deals are only about to come. Typically, the sale peak comes around September and October when retailers try to get rid of their stock before the end of the year.

Sunglasses - Buy Later

Unless you don’t need to get a new pair of sunglasses to protect yourself while sunbathing on your holiday, let’s wear those that you already own. Sunglasses are a summer must-have and most of us don’t think about buying them before the sunbathing season starts. The retailers know that and that’s why the prices are at their peak right now. 

Fall Clothing - Buy Later

Since the summer clearance is already in place, retailers slowly start to stock up on fall collections both in-stores and online. However intrigued you might be by the new trends coming up this year, remember that the best time for fall clothing shopping is when the clothes have been on the racks for a while - in late October or November.

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