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7 Smart Ways to Save Money While Shopping Online

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Online shopping has been here for quite some time now and there are not many things you could not buy from the comfort of your home anymore. If you’re an online shopping enthusiast and you’d love to learn how to make some major savings without a lot of effort, try these easy online shopping tips which will make you a professional deal hunter.

While we may have left the brick-and-mortar stores and started spending more money online, there is something that hasn’t changed - our desire to save money while we shop. From promo codes, loyalty programs, and discounts to credit card cashback to seasonal deals, there are many ways to save at your favorite retailer. Here are some of them.

1. Sign Up for Newsletters, Loyalty Programs, and Special Memberships for Exclusive Deals

With so many online retailers out there, it’s hard to keep track of all the special deals. If you don’t want to miss some limited time offer or an exclusive members-only deal from your favorite retailer, sign up for their newsletter, or become a member of their loyalty club. You’ll never know what an exclusive deal they might have for you.

2. Don’t Forget About Cashback

Cashback websites are still one of the most popular ways of saving money online. All you need to do is to sign up on cashback websites like Topcashback or Rakuten, which allow you to earn a certain percentage back on what you spend at eligible retailers. This way you save a few bucks with every purchase you make.

3. Browse Weekly Ads and Save with Special Deals

If you’re looking for the best way to save some money on your everyday grocery list, try to browse retailers’ online flyers. They are always full of weekly ads and limited-time offers which might help you to find the best deal on items you would purchase anyway.

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4. Find the Best Online Coupons

Another way to save some extra bucks on your online shopping is coupon and promo code websites that regularly update a selection of online codes for special deals across the retailers’ websites. For some extra savings, we recommend all-time favorites like groupon.com or coupons.com.

5. Compare Sellers’ Prices with Google’s Shopping Tab

This might sound like a simple idea but it really works. Comparing the prices from various retailers is often the best way to save money while shopping online. Search in Google’s shopping tab while browsing. Type the product name in Google and check the prices available at other websites.

6. Plan Your Purchases Seasonally

The time of the year you choose to buy things online could help you save money. If you can wait for a given item, time it out for a holiday or special sales like Black Friday or Amazon Prime Day. Do inverse engineering and outsmart the retailers by taking advantage of seasonal clearance deals. Shop for your winter clothes in spring or outdoor tools in the fall when the season is over.

7. Save on Delivery and Pick Up Your Order in Store

If you’re not eligible for free shipping, the majority of retailers often offer a “Click & Collect” delivery option, which means that you can pick your purchase in a local store instead. It’s usually free of charge and you can pick it up whenever it fits your schedule.

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