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10 Affordable Father's Day Gift Ideas Under $29

Fathers Day Gift IdeasCanva

With Father’s Day 2020 looming, soon we’ll all get to celebrate those special men in our lives—our dads. For many of us it’s been a tight year, financially, and pricey gifts might not exactly be on your expense list right now. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on this year's Father’s day, you’re not alone. Plus, who says that only expensive gifts count, right? Try these affordable Father’s Day gift ideas and celebrate this year’s special day with your dad while sticking to your budget.

1. Give the Gift of Craftsman

Is your dad a DIY master? Get him the tools he’s been dreaming of getting for a while to pursue his goals. Stores like The Home Depot or Lowe’s will have some smart Father’s Day gift ideas for you on how to surprise your dad with the equipment he might need. 

Special Tip: Evercraft Screwdriver Set available for $19.99.

2. Father the Gardener

For the dads who enjoy some quality time in their backyards, give them a gift that is both practical and thoughtful. Plus, you can have some bonding time together while you upgrade your garden.

Special Tip: Ace Yard & Garden Tools available for $12.99.

3. The Great Outdoors Enthusiast

Does your father love the wildness of nature? Give him a gift that he can take on his next adventure. Stores like Ace Hardware or Academy Sports might be just the right gift hunting partners when it comes to outdoor essentials.

Special Tip: YETI Rumbler Bottle available for $22.49.

4. Gift for the Man of Style

We all know that sometimes fashion and dads don’t come together as we’d imagine. If you feel like kicking your dad’s closet up a notch is a good idea, now is the time. Father’s Day shirts are a hot deal and you get to pick the style yourself.

Special Tip: Short or Long Sleeve Snap or Button Wovens available for $22.99.

5. Practical Father of the Year

It’s been a while since we celebrated Christmas and a new pair of socks might be just the gift your father will love the most. Whether you go for a classic white combo or try some adventurous version with colorful stripes or funny patterns, it’s the thought that counts.

Last Minute Fathers Day Gift Ideas Canva

6. Gift for the Messy Dad

Is your dad a proper businessman with ties of all shapes and styles in the closet? Help him to organize all of his drawers and save him some time in a morning rush to work.

Special Tip: Cambridge Drawer Organizer available for $10.49.

7. Daddy the Foodie

Father’s Day is not only about giving gifts. It’s about taking a moment to celebrate with your loved ones and make some new memories. If you’re not a stranger to cooking, you can prepare a delicious steak or even surprise your dad with a family barbecue.

Special Tip: Father’s Day Specials at Pat’s Foods

8. Gift for the Bearded Dad

Making your bearded Pops feel pampered may be the ultimate choice. A good shaving set is essential for every man's body care and practical gifts are often appreciated the most.

Special Tip: King C. Gillete Shave Needs available for $5.99.

9. Give the Gift of Memories

Let your dad remember your favorite moments together forever. Print out some heart-warming photos of your family and put them into a stylish photo frame. If you’re crafty enough, you can even make a custom frame to add that special touch.

10. Gift Card for a Hard to Impress-Dad

Sometimes dads are almost impossible to shop for. If you’re stuck on what to get him except a simple Father’s Day card or you don’t feel like writing him a poem, a gift card from his favorite store in the neighborhood might work like a charm.

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