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What Foods Can You Store for Months or Even Years? Stock Up!

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With the current situation, many people have started to think about what foods they can buy that will last a long time. You might already have a collection of jams, canned goods or other similar products in your pantry. But did you know there are items that can even outlive you? We will reveal which foods last the longest and how to store them properly.


Pasta packages will last up to a year without a problem. If you store it well, it can last even longer. So where should you keep your pasta? Store it in a cool dark place out of direct sunlight.


If you store your beans or other legumes the right way, they can last for many years and still be a great source of protein. Put them in an airtight container and make sure no water or moisture can get inside. Otherwise they will only last a few months.

White Rice

White rice also requires a proper storage method. If you place it in an airtight container and put it to a dry and cool place, it will last several years. You might be surprised, but the best way to store rice is actually in the fridge. The ideal temperature for storing white rice is 4.5°C or lower.

Olive Oil

An unopened olive oil bottle will last up to 1.5 years without any problem. After opening, however, it should be consumed within 30-60 days.

Dried Herbs

Even dried herbs can survive up to a year easily. You can also freeze them. If you decide to do so, first chop the herbs finely, put them in ice cube bowls and then pour oil or water on them. This way, they will last longer than if you just froze them.

Food That You Can Keep Forever Canva

Sugar and Salt

Sugar and salt stored in an airtight container will last forever. However, additives such as iodine in salt can reduce the shelf life to about five years. Still quite good, right?


Honey may be a big surprise. It can actually last for thousands of years. No kidding. In 2015, archeologists found 3,000-year-old honey in Egypt that was perfectly edible. This is due to the unique nature of honey, which has low water content and high sugar content, so bacteria cannot grow on it. In addition, honey contains a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, which prevents the growth of microbes.

Honey has an unlimited shelf life as long as you store it properly. Make sure you store your honey at a temperature of up to 25° C and in the dark or out of direct sunlight.

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