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Last-Minute Christmas Tree Shopping? These are the Best Places to Buy It Online in 2020

Where to Buy Christmas Tree OnlineCanva

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This year with an ongoing pandemic, it makes celebrating the holidays a little different. Fortunately, with the way technology is evolving, you can buy almost anything online nowadays, including Christmas trees! If you're a last-minute Christmas tree shopper, we've done the job for you.These are the best places where to buy a Christmas tree online this year (and have it delivered before Santa comes):

1. Free Delivery at Home Depot

The Home Depot is known for having Christmas trees every year in their tree lot on site. But you can visit their website and order real Christmas trees along with fresh wreaths and holiday plants, as well as artificial trees. Get anywhere from a 3ft to a 12ft of different first, pines, and spruce by choosing Home Depot near you and seeing what’s available for delivery or pick up. Select trees will either have standard or free delivery from your local Home Depot store.

2. Lowe’s Real Christmas Trees

Similar to Home Depot, this retail store is known for their seasonal Christmas tree lots. Lowe’s offers mostly Fraser, Nordmann, and Douglas fir trees when shopping online, and they range in various sizes and prices (depending on size). Enter your zip code on their website to shop a selection of trees at a Lowe’s near you (yes, real Christmas trees!), and they can deliver it to your doorstep or you can go pick it up.

3. Walmart Christmas Trees starting at $20

Just like the internet itself, Walmart sells practically anything, so why wouldn’t that include both artificial and real Christmas trees? These trees can be delivered to your home depending on the nearest Walmart location and start as low as $20. There is a wide selection to choose from including size, affordability, size, as well as pre-decorated.

 4. Christmas Tree with Amazon Prime

It’s no surprise this online superstore recently announced it would be selling real Christmas trees as well as wreaths and garlands. Since November, customers have been able to purchase a 7-foot real tree and can have it delivered to your doorstep, with some even eligible for Prime! Douglas Fir, Fraser Fir, and Norfolk Island Pine are available on the site, and are supposed to be fresh, as they’re shipped within 10 days of being cut. Pre-ordering and choosing exact delivery dates are also an option!

Where to Buy Real Christmas Tree 2020 Canva

5. Members Deals at Costco

Members of the large wholesale warehouse can get great deals during the holiday season on Douglas Firs and other popular Christmas trees. Shipping and handling is included on their base price and depends on your Costco store location, so there are no surprises when placing an order to your online cart. However, Costco also carries a large assortment of large artificial Christmas trees, as some models are as large as 15ft tall.

6. A Tree To Your Door

This Christmas tree shop online allows customers to purchase a real Christmas tree on their solely online platform. Then, as you can guess, deliver it to your door. This branch stems from Brown’s Tree Farm in Lake City, Michigan, and will help you with an online guide (including photo gallery) to help you choose the best tree for your needs.

All orders (no matter the size or price) are shipped through FedEx and come with free drilling, boughs, and a removal bag. The farm has been helping families find the right tree for over four decades, so it’s guaranteed you’ll find the perfect one. If your tree arrives and isn’t the same quality as the one that left the farm, including not having at least 3 “good sides” or doesn’t taper normally, the company will offer a replacement or partial refund

7. Target

Although you cannot purchase a live Christmas tree online, Target has a large selection of artificial trees that are just as beautiful as the real thing. There are many realistic ones, but also feature more “stylish” ones that a real tree just couldn’t do. Some trees come with no decorations so you can put your own touch on it, or you can get pre-decorated ones. See the latest Target weekly ad for current offer.

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