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Best Family Board Games 2020: Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

Best Family Board Games 2020Kupino

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Board games are meant to bring out the best in us, and can be a great bonding experience! Especially when we live in a day in age that’s constantly focused on screens, it’s nice to take a break from all of that and give yourselves something to relax with (even if things can get a bit competitive). Plus, it's a perfect Christmas gift that will bring the whole family together. Here's a list of the best family board games to take the “bored” out of board games for those of all ages.

Are you looking for something specific? Here's a List of Content:

  1. Board Games for Toddlers and Preschoolers
  2. Board Games for Siblings or Play Dates
  3. Board Games for Teens
  4. Board Games for the Whole Family

Best Board Games for Toddlers and Preschoolers

"These are our absolutely favorite board games of 2020 (approved by kids themselves) that will take the boring out of any playtime."

Best Family Board Games 2020 Kupino

1. Candyland ($7.97 at Target)

Meant for ages 3 and up, this classic board game for kids uses color squares and gingerbread pieces to get to King Kandy’s Castle. Be on the lookout, as the board contains getting stuck on licorice squares and cards can lead you to other sweet treats. 

Best Board Games for Kids 2020 Kupino

2. Count Your Chickens ($7.99 at Target)

Have a clucking good time working together to help mother hen collect her chicks and bring them back to the coop. This learning game helps children 3 and up with counting and obtaining important social development skills.

Best Board Games for Kids 2020 Kupino

3. Minnie Mouse & Friends Matching Game ($9.99 at Amazon)

Little ones will love matching 72 tiles of Disney character favorites like Minnie Mouse, Goofy, and Daisy Duck. This game will develop a preschooler’s focus, memory, and matching skills, all with a smile on their face, making it one of the best board games for little ones. This game also comes in other Disney favorites boxes.

Best Board Games for Kids 2020 Kupino

4. Crocodile Dentist ($9.99 at Target)

Use the included tool to pull out teeth and try not to get chomped by the crocodile. This friendly chomp initiates a good laugh, and there’s no assembly required! Kids can play by themselves or with up to four people.

Best Board Games for Kids 2020 Kupino

5. Baby Shark Let’s Go Hunt! Fishing Game ($7.49 at Amazon)

If that catchy tune wasn’t enough to get your kids excited, they made a board game out of it! Grab your fishing rod and catch as many fish as you can while the game board spins. Whoever reels in the most fish wins! And yes, the Baby Shark song goes play while you’re fishing.

Best Board Games for Siblings or Play Dates

"Looking for some board game that my kids will love (and preferably won't kill each other while playing them). Any ideas?"

Best Board Games for Siblings Kupino

1. Wizarding World of Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit ($19.99 at Amazon)

Harry Potter fans ages 8 and up will love testing their knowledge on all things Harry Potter with 600 questions. This is perfect for kids who loved reading the books and watching the movies, and a great bonding experience for friends and siblings who share a mutual love for the series.

Best Board Games for Siblings Kupino

2. The Floor is Lava ($8.49 at Target)

Perfect for kids’ playdates (or even adults who are kids at heart), this is a great way to get moving all while staying inside. Players must imagine the floor is molten hot lava while spinning the color wheel to jump to the correct foam pieces (which are lava proof, of course). Players will get creative, imaginative, and will promote physical activity!

Best Board Games for Siblings Kupino

3. Pretty Pretty Princess ($16.99 at Amazon)

This one is for 2-4 players who want to unleash their inner princess- perfect for a small slumber party or siblings to take part in. Pick your color and spin the wheel to see how many spaces you move. Collect all the jewelry, including the crown, and become the ultimate princess to win! However, watch out for spaces where you can put back a piece of jewelry or get the “black ring,” which will prevent you from winning!

Best Board Games for Siblings Kupino

4. Sorry! ($19.99 at Amazon)

If this isn’t the most perfect game to annoy your siblings, we don’t know what is! Each player gets 4 pawns of their color and they must make all four go around the board before entering their safe zone. However, your rivals can knock you back to start if you’re on the board and you’ll have to start that pawn from the beginning. If you can get all 4 pawns safely into your zone, you win!

Best Board Games for Siblings Kupino

5. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas Journey Board Game ($33.79 at Amazon)

Rudolph will let you join in his reindeer games, as this makes a perfect Christmas gift for kids. Roll the dice and watch as you play the board to see what tricks may lay. If one player is on the same square as another, they must compete in a Reindeer Games competition!

Best Board Games for Teens

"Board games can still be cool"

Best Board Games for Teens Kupino

1. Hot Seat Complete Set ($49.95 at Amazon)

Have your friends test their knowledge of you. The group will take turns putting someone in the “hot seat,” and they’ll be asked to answer a question about themselves. The rest of the players then have to answer while the person’s in the hot seat. No actual seats are included!

Best Board Games for Teens Kupino

2. Escape Room the Game ($29.99 at Amazon)

For those looking to play an “escape room” without actually leaving their room, this is the perfect solution. There are three missions- “Secret Agent, “The Dentist,” and “Space Station.” You must solve puzzles, find clues, and work together all in 60 minutes.

Best Board Games for Teens Kupino

3. Wakanda Forever ($12.99 at Target)

Based off the Marvel Superhero, players help protect and keep Wakanda safe from evil. It’s a face-paced dice-rolling game where each player represents the tribes of Wakanda as one player carries the title of Black Panther with a totem. Players roll dice to collect Vibranium to help defeat a lineup of villains and earn points as threats are eliminated. The first player to earn the most points and hold the title of Black Panther wins!

Best Board Games for Teens Kupino

4. Not Parent Approved ($21.24 at Amazon)

The perfect game for tweens and teens to take say what’s really on their mind in a humorous way. This is a family-friendly game designed to have teens put their phones down. This card game lets you fill in the blanks on a prompt. Collect the most prompt cards to win; all you have to do is be the funniest!

Best Board Games for Teens Kupino

5. Phone Phever ($29.99 at Amazon)

This is the perfect board game for teens, as they get to use their phone the entire time! You just need a smartphone and internet access to play the game (no apps required) to complete the challenges and answer the “phun phact” questions as you move around the board. The goal is to reach the Phone Phever shop at the end of the mall.

Best Board Games for the Whole Family

"Let's all play!"

Family Board Games for Christmas Kupino

1. Pandemic ($35.99 at Amazon)

Yes, you read that right. A game from 2008 has surged popularity due to the world’s circumstances, and this is a great way to lighten the mood. As a team, you must rely on the specialized skills of your given deck (whether your job is medic, scientist, etc.) in order to save humanity from four diseases threatening the world without causing more outbreaks.

Family Board Games for Christmas Kupino

2. Monopoly ($29.99 at BestBuy)

Disney Villains Edition: If you want to play a game with the family that’ll last a couple hours, Monopoly is the game to play. However, their Disney Villains edition puts an exciting, evil twist on the game. Who will win and truly be deemed “fairest one of all?”

Family Board Games for Christmas Kupino

3. 5 Second Rule ($8.34 at Amazon)

This heart-pounding game makes you choose a card with a topic on it, and then you have to name 3 things regarding that topic. Think that’s easy? Try doing it in 5 seconds or less, making it an exhilarating board game for family night.

Family Board Games for Christmas Kupino

4. Telestrations ($27 at Amazon)

This is a great family board game for bonding that will be sure to instill a lot of laughs. Each player is given an erasable sketchbook, marker, and secret word. In 60 seconds they’re asked to draw that word and pass it off to the player on their left, who then must write down what they believe the drawing is. This will really test to see who the artist in the family is!

Family Board Games for Christmas Kupino

5. Jumanji ($9.99 at Target)

The year 2020 practically feels like we’re in the classic movie, so let the family have a good time with the board game. Roll the die, draw a danger card, use your decoder to discover the secret message and see if disaster strikes, and begin to fill up the Doomsday Grid. If the grid fills up, the jungle will overpower you and the other players, then everyone loses. If you reach the center before the grid fills up, yell, “Jumanji,” so you win and all the danger disappears (just like we wish we could do to this year)

Holiday shopping shouldn’t have to be difficult, and especially with the cold months approaching, there’s no better bonding gift than board games for kids and families. This will bring loved ones together in ways they may have never been together before. Through the laughs, the friendly competition, and the memories, you’ll be sure to make this gift a lasting impression.

Looking for something else this Christmas? Check out our Christmas Gift Ideas Under $50, there might a tip or two that you'll love.

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