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What's 2020 Best Pharmacy Near Me? Here's What Shoppers Say

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With approximately 88,000 pharmacies in the United States, how can one possibly find the most suitable for them? These pharmacies go from big names to small brands and can be found standing alone, in drug stores, grocery stores, hospitals, universities, and many other places.

To ease your mind when asking what’s the best pharmacy near you, we’ve compromised a list of the top 10 pharmacies for 2020 according to what shoppers had to say. Let's find out what makes then the best:

Sam’s Club Pharmacy: Best for Pets

The Sam’s Club Pharmacy not only has safe shopping hours, pharmacy curbside pickup, and free concierge services for seniors and at-risk groups, but they’re also taking care of your furry four-legged family members.s

The warehouse chain has over 200 popular pet care medications. You can also save on pet insurance and save up to 90% on vet bills. Plus Members save even more by getting additional value’s on their pet’s needs when they join or upgrade, making it one of the best pharmacies for the whole family.

Rite Aid: Best for Speaking with a Healthcare Professional

This drug store’s goal is to connect customers with the personalized care of their pharmacists. Rite Aid pharmacists have all received comprehensive education needed to meet state licensing requirements and are professionally certified to provide immunizations.

Rite Aid pharmacists are available to chat online or through the phone. As wellness+ rewards members, you get 24/7 access to a healthcare professional online or through the phone. There are also opportunities for hearing or speech disabled patients to call, and diabetes specialists are also available certain hours.

See all Rite-Aid locations near me.

Target Pharmacy: Best Price-Match Guarantee

The company will match the price if you buy a qualifying item at Target and then find the identical item for less at Target.com, select online competitors, or in either Target’s local ad. Price matches can be made at time of purchase or within 14 days after purchase. Just bring the proof and the price will be adjusted.

The Target price match policy includes covering pharmacy purchases and offers.

See all Target locations near me.

Walgreens Pharmacy: Best for Families 

Walgreens is far more than a drugstore. Similar to CVS, it operates a mail-order pharmacy and also offers home care and specialty pharmacy services. 

At Walgreens, you will find relatively low prices on immunizations and their prescription savings program also help in saving money on common medications. Another great thing about Walgreens is the convenience of drive-thru prescription pickup found almost on all their locations. Plus, they have Walgreens delivery on prescriptions so you don’t need to head to the store.

See all Walgreens locations near me.

Amazon Pharmacy: Free Shipping

It’s no surprise Amazon made its way to the pharmacy world due to its large e-commerce appearance. This massive online retailer has a PillPack service that sorts and groups your medications into packets based on when you take them during the day. Then, it delivers them to you.

The service and shipping is free, and all customers pay for is their medication.

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Best Pharmacy Near Me Canva

Walmart: Easiest Express Pickup

Walmart has adapted to the convenience of a phone. Through the Walmart app, customers can order their prescriptions and check out securely using. Then, they can skip the line for pickup at the store. The app also allows you to see prescription history and refills remaining for yourself or anyone in the family. Just add pharmacy access to your Walmart account on the app.

You can also browse Walmart’s latest assortment of low-cost prescriptions by condition, with some Walmart pharmacy prices being as low as $4.

See all Walmart locations near me.

Publix Pharmacy: Best App

Download the Public Pharmacy app to refill anytime, anywhere. The app will also set you up for text alerts when it’s time for your refill, and it reminds you to take your meds. This is an easy way to manage prescriptions with an easy account setup.

You can add multiple prescriptions/patient management and check your prescription status, history and details. To refill, all you have to do is scan the bottle onto the app by using your phone’s camera.

See all Publix locations near me.

Kroger: Best Savings Club

Say goodbye to low deductibles and copays as well as expensive medications and prescriptions not covered by a benefit plan. For an individual membership, you can pay just $36 per year. For families of up to 6 (including your pets), you’ll pay only $72.

Members can save up to 85% on thousands of name-brand and generic prescriptions.

See all Kroger locations near me.

Costco Pharmacy: Best Online Pharmacy

Costco has an NABP seal of approval and an easy-to-use website. This trusted wholesale warehouse also has a dedicated section to health and wellness, as it’s one of the most affordable drugstores in the nation.

Costco provides easy pickup and customer service for any questions you may have during the process. They are known for charging some of the lowest cash prices for prescription drugs. You can also ask about their full-service travel immunization program as well as their auto-refill program.

You do not need to join the Costco Member Prescription Program to get low prices.

See all Costco locations near me.

CVS Pharmacy: Most Convenient

CVS Health is one of the largest pharmacy chains in the United States. Not only is it a “standalone” drug store, but it’s also partnered with other retailers like Target. Plus, CVS also runs an “Rx benefit management division” called “CVS Caremark,” which has 75 million plan members. Then you’ve got the Minute Clinics, CVS specialty pharmacies, and more that make CVS a mega-pharmacy anywhere you go.

Not only is CVS everywhere, but you can score a great amount of savings with their ExtraCare rewards card. Rewards are also good for store brands for various over-the-counter drugs. The “Rx Savings Finder” also has pharmacists helping to find patients the cheapest options for their prescription drugs.

You will never have to go out of your way for the convenience of a CVS pharmacy.

See all CVS locations near me.

Best Online Pharmacy Canva

Best Pharmacies 2020: Shoppers Also Asked

Which Pharmacy has the best prices?

Many different pharmacies offer special deals and rewards to help decide on the best prices. The best pharmacy near me option also depends on location. You can find different coupons and deals for local pharmacies depending on where you live. However generally, Walmart and Kroger undercut major drugstores by a wide margin. Walmart also is a cheap place to buy many over-the-counter medications.

What is the difference between a drugstore and a pharmacy?

Typically, a pharmacy is a store that sells drugs and various other products. A drugstore, on the other hand, is one that includes a pharmacy inside, as well as sells other products. A drugstore is set up more as a “convenience store” while a pharmacy specifically sells and dispenses medications.

What is the best online pharmacy?

We have already mentioned Costco as being the best online pharmacy, but if you’d rather look elsewhere, there are a few things to consider. Make sure to verify which online retailers are based in the U.S, then proceed to read terms carefully (look for where they ship, shipping costs, etc.). Overall, according to money.com, the five best online pharmacies are: Costco, Pill Pack, Rx Outreach, Healthwarehouse.com, and BioPlus Specialty Pharmacy.

How to save on medicine?

First, start off with asking your doctor if a generic drug is available for your condition, which will save you as much as 90% in costs. Other ways include asking about discounts at pharmacies, trying 90-day prescriptions, and looking for discounts. Also, consider using independent and supermarket pharmacies, as well as Costco, as they charge the lowest for cash prices for prescription drugs.

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